Important Information

The below important information is for each traveller to read through and to understand before arriving on your African safari. Please contact Beckmann’s consultants should you have any queries.

Please Note:

African Safari Insurance (Compulsory)

All travellers booking a safari to Southern Africa must have adequate medical insurance. This is compulsory as activity providers on safari may refuse participation of activities without proper insurance in place.  Should you not have medical insurance you may be required to pay cash before being airlifted should this become necessary.


Please note that we need to be informed of any pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes or asthma or any other condition that requires prescription medicine. Please note that Beckmann’s or any of its travel partners will not be held liable or responsible for damage or loss to such medication and the safe-keeping of such medication must be looked after by its respective user.

Diet Requirements

For Beckmann’s and its travel partners to properly cater whilst on tour, it is important to inform us at the point of booking should there be any special dietary requirement.


As visa requirements vary considerably from country to country and nationality to nationality, please contact the various embassies or a visa service agent in your home country to re-check your visa requirements at least 4 weeks prior to travelling.

Please note that visas are the responsibility of the traveller and that Beckmann’s or its partners will not be held responsible for guests being denied entry should they not be in the possession of the relevant visas.

Take Note:

Should the Beckmann’s tour you are joining be re-entering a country, be sure to have a multiple entry visa that enables you to re-enter the country.

All travellers must be in possession of a valid onward/return air ticket or proof of other means of transport enabling the traveller to leave the country in which your adventure tour passes or terminates. You should also have proof of sufficient funds (e.g. credit card) to see you through your time in the country.