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Welcome to Beckmann’s Tours & Safaris, a small, private, owner-run and guided South African-based tour and safari company that speaks of the art of service and offers you an authentic Southern African experience in the untamed African wilderness. Focused on your experience is owner and front man wildlife guide Luke Beckmann and his wife Mandy.

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Here at Beckmanns Tours & Safaris we have a strong passion for showing you the very best of what South Africa and surrounding countries can offer you with regards to luxury safaris, beautiful landscapes, and the friendly people that inhabit these spaces.
If you are searching for a different wildlife experience, thirst for adventure and want a Safari, rich with African wildlife and culture, then you have found the ideal safari partner. Beckmanns Tours & Safaris focuses on a variety of exclusive safari options to fit today’s modern traveler.


Your Guides

Luke Beckmann

Owner / Guide

Luke Beckmann 33, was born in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.  From an early age of spending time on his grandfathers farm and watching “The Lion King” on repeat, he knew that the bush was where his heart lies.  From then on, everything he did was nature orientated and thus lead to his qualifications as a certified FGASA wildlife guide.  Luke has a strong calling to teach others about nature, from plants to the wild animals including the “Big 5”.  This is where the junior ranger camp was born, with Luke’s passion to teach the youth all about nature conservation and what our beautiful planet consists of and where on Earth we fit in.

Mandy Beckmann

Junior Ranger Camp Co-Ordinator

Mandy Beckmann 33, was born in the heart of settler country in a little town called Grahamstown based in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. She was raised on a farm which is where her love for the bush started. Mandy has since completed a Bachelor of Social Science degree, majoring in Psychology and Anthropology, as well as a PGCE teaching degree both obtained from Rhodes University. Other than wildlife, Mandy has a great passion for nurturing and educating young minds and believes that nature is a key ingredient in doing so.

Willie Badenhorst

Adventure specialist

Willie Badenhorst 26, was born South African and raised in Botswana. With a deep love for Africa and it’s biodiversity, he has spent the last 6 year’s guiding in southern and East Africa. Willie spends his spare time learning about and travelling the African continent and is co-founder of Barefoot Adventurers Club and Fine Young Adventurers Club which was set up to focus on the hard hitting issues affecting the people and places in Africa by doing extraordinary expeditions. Willie has a background in tour guiding and nature guiding. He also circumnavigated Lake Malawi on a kayak and recently broke the record for the longest cross country distance travelled in a Tuk Tuk in Africa on an expedition for endangered species. Always itching for more adventures and a chance to make a lasting change in mama Africa, there is always time for another expedition.

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Endangered Wildlife

Participate in our programmes for awareness and funding for endangered wildlife here in Africa

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We are very aware of conservation and “green” living so our tours are eco-friendly and we stay in top lodges.

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Travel with Beckmanns Tours and Safaris and make friends and create those special memories of a lifetime.
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All photographic tours are tailor created to suit your groups requirements, and itineraries are not shared with other groups unless requested