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Welcome to Beckmanns Tours & Safaris, a small, private, owner-run and guided South African-based tour and safari company that speaks of the art of service and offers you an authentic Southern African experience in the untamed African wilderness. Focused on your experience is owner and front man wildlife guide Luke Beckmann and his wife Mandy.

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Here at Beckmanns Tours & Safaris we have a strong passion for showing you the very best of what South Africa and surrounding countries can offer you with regards to luxury safaris, beautiful landscapes, and the friendly people that inhabit these spaces.
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Africa is one of the most beautiful countries offering a variety of magnificent landscapes as well as diverse fauna and flora
If you are in search for a different safari experience, thirst for adventure and want a Safari rich with African wildlife and culture, then you have found the ideal safari partner. Beckmans’s Tours & Safaris focuses on a variety of exclusive safari options to fit today’s modern traveler throughout Africa’s majestic countries.

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Africa is filled with breathtaking scenery and landscapes
From the harsh landscapes of the Eastern Cape to the beautiful lakes of Kenya, Africa offers a variety of spectacular views and experiences wherever you may go.

Our team will make sure that we present Africa to you in a unique manner, sharing our passion and knowledge with you and leaving you with an unforgettable experience that will last you a lifetime.

Here are just a few of our fabulous views in Africa.

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Let us show you the wonders of Africa from the Eastern Cape throughout South Africa and into its surrounding countries.